Joyful Noise Drum Company


JNDC TKO Anniversary

Joyful Noise Drum Company is proud to announce the 10th Anniversary TKO Snare Drum.

The Joyful Noise Drum Company will release 10 limited edition TKO snare drums in conjunction with their 10th Anniversary in 2016. The TKO model being their flagship snare drum, featuring a hand selected seamless 6.5x14 brass shell, 2.5mm solid brass triple flanged hoops, 10 Corder tube lugs, bell-flanged bearing edges, vintage inspired crimped snare beds, JNDC One Touch Classic snare strainer and “Tailpipe” Patina finish. The Limited Edition TKO will also feature a hand engraved 10th Anniversary logo engraved by world famous John Aldridge of Not So Modern Drummer fame.

Retail Price: $1495.00

Available at JNDC dealers worldwide.