Joyful Noise Drum Company


Deluxe snare drum

First impression

I think these drums are very well made. According to the data, I can recognize the model is Ludwig. It looks blended 20’s Black Beauty and 400 (Super Ludwig. Made in 1959. Brass shell) including bearing edge and snare bed. Especially, the folding of the bearing edge is totally same as 400 at that time. Though the width of the folded part is a little different, I suppose it is from the consideration for the shell vibration. I can see the center bead is also completely same. And then, the design of the strainer is simple and great. Especially, the type for hooking the strings (JNDC-01). However, I suspect someone may mind the noise when he or she exchange the snare. 


Total sound is, I think, like the vintage Ludwig that made in from 1959 to 1962. At that time, Ludwig drums had solid and contemporary sound, and in addition it was sturdy. Even if I tighten the head higher, it remains low and fat sound. This is “The sound that is for a long time” than “An old sound.”

Both of the drums make mellow sound for metal shell snare drums. The sound difference is, how to say…, the bronze one makes darker sound and the brass one makes brighter and soft sound. The brass has mild and mellow sustain than ordinary steel shell, moreover, the bronze drum has more controlled sustain. The brass drum is more alike old Ludwig.

Characteristic for Tuning

These drums have deep snare beds and there are less “play” for snare. So, even if you tighten the snare, it is accommodated to the snare bed securely and makes a fat “Dosun! (Japanese expression)” sound. You’d better tune with consideration that this drum has a character even if you tighten the head it makes low sound. I suppose the sound is from the material (Brass or Bronze) and the snare bed for emphasizing.

General Review

I can see well the model of this drum is old one and by using present material it is very well made. The combination of bearing edge (folding shape and width) and shell is excellent. This drum is obviously different from just only imitated drum. I suppose the maker tried and erred, tested various materials. The shell is made for catching the best vibration. The thick brass hoop is fabulous to match the shell as a current product.

I’d love to try other sized drums.